Graphene Economics Presents: Taxing Times – a Webinar Series

The current economic challenges brought about by the global COVID-19 pandemic have been compared in magnitude to the Great Depression. Graphene Economics anticipates a similar and profound impact on the international tax landscape in the aftermath of COVID-19.

With this in mind, Graphene Economics is presenting this free webinar series, “Taxing Times”. It will explore insights from a range of subject matter experts on the likely shifts Africa can expect in terms of the commercial aftereffects of Covid-19.

Through sharing these perspectives, we hope to enable greater alignment of expectations between revenue authorities and multinational companies operating across Africa. Improved alignment could result in greater levels of compliance and less controversy over the next several years, despite the difficult economic conditions, benefitting both governments and businesses across Africa.


The Taxing Times series will run for a one-hour session on a new topic every second Thursday, commencing 4 June 2020.


Speakers will include a presidential economic policy advisor, representatives from large multinational companies, members of non-profit organisations and revenue authorities, and various subject matter experts from different countries in Africa and beyond. Topics covered will include macroeconomic trends, and implications for trade, as well as legal, supply chain, and policy considerations, among others.

Webinar Series