Do you find cross border transactions in Africa complex or challenging?


Are you facing the following challenges?

  • Your profits are being taxed twice, or even more

  • Your transfer pricing projects take too long to complete

  • You're battling with repatriating arms-length fees

  • You are concerned about unknown risks

  • You are unsure how macroeconomic factors in countries where you operate may affect your profitability

  • Your tax team is wasting resources on time consuming, mundane compliance tasks

  • You are not sure how to communicate or demonstrate the value of your inter-company services to various stakeholders.

  • You feel the complexity of transfer pricing could be costing you a great deal


We'd like to help you to enhance the management and execution of your cross-border transactions and deliver the best transfer pricing solutions for your organisation.


Our services relating to cross-border transactions include:

When it comes to transfer pricing, many multinational companies in Africa are overwhelmed with the complexity and risks involved.

We look at transfer pricing in Africa through an economic lens. Our understanding of the nuances in key African markets, combined with our experience across many different industries, means we are positioned to identify, develop and implement the appropriate transfer pricing solutions for you to address the specific economic and market conditions you face in Africa.

Using our African insights, Graphene Economics™ will develop the best transfer pricing solution for your needs.

Together, our team has supported over 100 companies listed on top global stock exchanges with their transfer pricing challenges in Africa, including:


of the top 88 NYSE listed companies


of the top 100 FTSE listed companies


of the top 40 JSE listed companies


Our team has worked in a range of industries, including: